Photo 20-11-2022, 10 08 38Hi. I’m DBA Lehane. Once upon a time, well actually in December 2005, I began a little blog called Short Short Fiction.  The aim of this blog was to write short stories, of no more than 500 words, based on that day’s word-of the-day at dictionary.com.

Over time the blog became quite popular and also won a number of awards.  However, over time I found myself unable to commit as much time to the blog and eventually Short Short Fiction disappeared.

A couple of years ago, returning to writing, I had the idea of self-publishing a book containing a number of the many hundreds of short short stories previously posted to the blog.

To my horror and dismay, both the drives hosting those stories had become corrupted and all were lost, including other writing I had done up until about 2015/16.

So fast forward to now, and I’ve decided to resurrect something very similar to that original blog.  Instead writing just 250-word micro stories should make it much easier to commit to on a daily basis.  So Daily Micro Fictions was born.  Thank you for joining me!